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Exploring the Wonders of Thai Stick Weed

thai stick made with bamboo and marijuana

Thai Stick Weed: an ancient form of cannabis consumption that has captivated the minds of cannabis enthusiasts for decades. This legendary product, with its rich history and unique smoking experience, has seen a recent resurgence with the modernization of cannabis legislation. Journey with us as we explore the wonders of Thai Stick Weed, delving into […]

Is the Climate in Phuket Ideal for Cultivating Cannabis?

Climate in Phuket for cultivating cannabis.

With the legalization of cannabis cultivation in Thailand, many are wondering if the climate in Phuket is suitable for growing marijuana. The tropical climate of Phuket presents both advantages and disadvantages for cannabis cultivators, and it’s important to understand both in order to make informed decisions about growing cannabis in the area. Advantages • Abundant sunlight: […]

Cannabis Growing Regions of the World

Cannabis growing regions of the world

Cannabis, also known as marijuana, skunk, weed, pot, and ganja, is a widely cultivated plant with a rich history of use for medicinal and recreational purposes. With the increasing legalization and regulation of cannabis around the world, the cannabis industry has experienced rapid growth in recent years. In this article, we will take a closer […]

Cannabis Farming in Phuket: A Growing Trend


Phuket, the tropical paradise in Thailand, has been known for its stunning beaches and rich culture. However, with the recent legalization of cannabis cultivation by the Thai government, Phuket has become a hub for cannabis farming. Yes, you heard it right! The Thai government has allowed growing weed with proper licenses, and many farmers in […]

Medical Marijuana and Cannabis Culture in Thailand

Medical marijuana is now legal in Thailand

Now that marijuana is legal in Thailand, If you travel to Thailand, you can stay in your hotel smoking cannabis or get outside to enjoying the amazing culture. This includes the readily available cannabis and the beautiful beaches. As you likely know, Thailand has made marijuana legal. The food and drug administration has removed cannabis […]

Do You Need to Visit a Medical Marijuana Doctor in Thailand?

Man in lab coat holding cannabis leaf. Do You Need to Visit a Medical Marijuana Doctor in Thailand

Do you need to visit a medical marijuana doctor in Thailand, anyway? If you’re looking to purchase marijuana in Thailand, you do not need a medical license. At least not at this point. Thailand is becoming more like other countries that legalized marijuana prior. For example, in plenty of US cities, medical marijuana doctors are […]

Cannabis Delivery to Patong

cannabis delivery bag

The majority of our customers are here in Phuket on holiday, and since they’re here for a good time, not a long time, a lot of them choose to stay in or around Patong. Patong is known worldwide for its nightlife, restaurants, and beautiful beaches, so it’s no wonder that it’s such a popular travel […]

How to Grow Cannabis in Thailand Legally

cannabis plants

Are you thinking about growing cannabis in Thailand? You’ll need to know the laws and regulations that apply to this here. This article provides a how-to guide to growing cannabis plants in Thailand and an overview of the relevant laws and regulations. So, whether you’re a first-time grow ganja or an experienced marijuana cultivator, read […]

Lilac Diesel – Reviewed by Nut

a purple cannabis flower

First impression was that of a very nice, healthy-looking, dense nug of light green with a slightly purple hue.  Sporadic orange hairs extrude from the bud. The trichromes look like suger topping coated all over it. Leading with a fruity smell, like that of some kind of mysterious berry. You can probably try to guess […]

Mandarin Sunset – Reviewed by Nut

holiding cannabis

As I open the packet, I can see that the buds look so beautiful; light green with the dust of tiny white trichomes all over them. The hairs have a reddish hue and protrude all around the bud. The attractive purple leaves are also covered by tiny white, crystal trichomes that look a bit like […]