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Chemdog – Reviewed by Nut

The name of this strain I have been hearing for over a decade and it still survives to this day. Its long-lasting legacy proves that the strain must have something to offer the people. Since Chemdog has stood the test of time, I decided to test and review it myself. While this strain is not something currently sold by Buy Weed in Phuket, it is a commonly found strain here in Thailand, and one you will likely come across for sale by street vendors, so you might be interested to learn more about it, regardless.

The buds of the Chemdog I bought is medium-sized, with an appearance that does not look like a typical bud. Chemdog looks popcorn-like, but long, and tapered. The dark green leaves are coated with sticky white trichomes, giving the bud a silver-white appearance, which has orange hairs.


The scent of Chemdog is like other typical weeds. The smell of sharp, earthy diesel. The smell is slight however; and you have to bring your nose close to detect the scent. You can get a better sense of the smell when you break a bud open in prerparation for smoking.

The flavor tastes a little spicy, piney, and slightly lemony. It’s not the softest smoke on the throat and it would be dishonest of me if I said I didn’t cough at all. I did. The intensity of this cannabis is strong and might even be considered a little harsh by some. Maybe this is why they call it Chemdog, I am not sure the origins of the name.

After taking a hit from the bong, the feeling washes over quite quickly. I started to feel uplifted. A feeling of happiness suddenly pops up in my mind – out of nowhere. I bask in the moment – my head high with many funny thoughts coming in from the ether. After a while, a little tingling feeling occurs in the middle of my head.

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My head is high yet my body feels light. I don’t have to work as hard to move as I did with some of the other strains I have recently reviewed. I feel very calm and completely without thoughts of anything negative to trouble my mind. I leave my problems behind and enjoy the moment. I feel as if I am completely “in the now.” The effects of Chemdog seem to clear away stress and anxiety in a similar way as the Grape Diamonds and  Cherry Gar See-Ya, but this one gives more of a Sativa feel. I feel high but not too tired to move my body.

 This is good daytime weed.

Overall, Chemdog is as good as the reputation the precedes it. The legend of the Chemdog is not exaggerated. Just as the saying goes, distance proves a horse as time proves a person; Chemdog has stood the test of time, and for good reason. Chemdog is potent, quick to take effect, energizing, and encourages creativity. It offers euphoria and some laughs. I also felt somewhat aroused by it. Perhaps this is one of its most redeeming – and useful – qualities. For some of you this may be exactly what you are looking for to smoke weed with your partner or date.