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Cherry Gar See-Ya – Reviewed by Nut

I’ve been wanting to try this one for a long time, and I’m happy to report: that time is finally here. ETHOS genetics from USA has become famous in the cannabis industry for their quality and potency. Cherry Gar See-Ya is one of their best, from what I’ve heard and read.

The buds of are big and plump. They look very dense and full of resin. The color is a light green with obvious crystal white trichomes all over. The buds are about my thumb size; nice, big, and fluffy. When I rip the buds apart to grind up the cannabis, they looked very thick, like little stars upon my tray.

Cherry Gar See-Ya

The aroma smells of cherry mixed with some citrus fruits. It is quite obvious however that the cherry smell is prominent and overpowers the others. The sour fruit citrus smell reminds me of another weed strain, which I can’t seem to remember. It’s hiding a dark corner of my mind – stuck in the back of my memory, so, I give up trying and decide to start smoking.

During the session, my throat seems like it can handle the smoke, but eventually, I can’t hold it off any longer and cough. The stream of smoke has the taste of cherry too with an earthy tone in the background. The potency is a bit strong for newbies, I can tell the THC content is very high. I often mix in some tobacco to soften the strength of cannabis, but many purists prefer it without.

I cough and the smell of cherry has clung to my throat. I feel a calm running back and forth inside my veins. My body is relaxed. Funny thoughts appear in my mind causing me to laugh out loud, even though I am by myself. The effect surely feels like a mix of both Sativa and Indica, and the guys at Buy Weed in Phuket say it’s an Indica-dominant hybrid strain.

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It’s a well-balanced strain, with a nice head high, and body stone feeling. It’s very relaxing. It makes me feel like my unresolved problems are gone. Right now, I don’t give an f### about anything, even making notes about how I feel for this review seems difficult and less than ideal right now. This really is the perfect formula from mother earth. She always knows best!

After a while, my mouth feels dry as usual. I’m a little bit drowsy but my belly rumbles and I feel the attack of the onset of hunger. I feel like some sweet desserts will complete me.

Overall, I think Cherry Gar See-Ya is a delicious strain with a lot to offer. Great body high, nice head high. It would be ideal for those who like to sit and smoke weed together with their friends, or for simply relaxing and smoking alone. Socially, it brings smiles, good vibes, good conversation and spontaneous busts of laughter that you can’t control, so much that your stomach will hurt. This one is a winner! I think it’s time to invite some friends over to come and smoke.

Cherry Gar See-Ya: A Unique Blend of Aroma and Potency

Origin of the Name 

The Cherry Gar See-Ya cannabis strain intrigues many by its name alone. The name seems to be a playful pun, hinting at a delightful goodbye to your worries as you indulge in its aromatic presence.

Overview of the Strain 

This strain is known for its potent effects and a rich, flavorful profile that provides an immersive experience for both recreational and medical users alike.

Genetics and Breeding 

A. Parent Strains 

Cherry Gar See-Ya is a well-bred strain with lineage tracing back to some of the cannabis community’s most cherished strains. Though the exact parentage may not be publicly disclosed, its characteristics hint at a blend of Indica and Sativa genetics.

B. Breeding History 

The breeding journey of Cherry Gar See-Ya is shrouded in a bit of mystery, enticing cultivators and users to delve into its unique properties.


A. Growing Difficulty 

Cherry Gar See-Ya is known to be a moderate-difficulty strain to cultivate, making it a viable option for growers with some experience.

B. Preferred Climate and Setting 

It thrives best in a controlled environment where light, temperature, and humidity can be monitored and adjusted to its liking.

C. Flowering Time 

The flowering time for this strain ranges from 8 to 10 weeks, a standard period for many cannabis strains.

D. Yield Statistics 

The yield statistics for Cherry Gar See-Ya are moderate with proper care, ensuring a satisfactory return for cultivators.

Physical Characteristics 

A. Plant Height and Structure 

This strain tends to grow to a medium height with a bushy structure, characteristic of its Indica dominance.

B. Bud Appearance 

The buds are dense with a rich, green hue intertwined with orange hairs and often covered in a thick layer of resin.

C. Aroma and Flavor Profile 

Cherry Gar See-Ya boasts a complex aroma and flavor profile, blending sweet cherry notes with a hint of earthiness that tantalizes the palate.

Cannabinoid Profile 

A. THC Content 

The THC content of Cherry Gar See-Ya is on the higher side, often testing above 20%, making it a potent choice for those seeking a stronger effect.

B. CBD Content

CBD content in this strain is minimal, often less than 1%, aligning it more with recreational use than medicinal.

C. Other Cannabinoids and Terpenes 

Along with THC and CBD, Cherry Gar See-Ya has a diverse cannabinoid and terpene profile that contributes to its effects and aroma.

Effects and Experience

A. Onset and Duration

Cherry Gar See-Ya has a relatively quick onset, with users often feeling its effects within minutes of consumption. The duration of its effects is moderate, providing a substantial window for enjoyment.

B. Psychoactive Effects

The high THC content provides a euphoric and uplifting effect initially, often transitioning into a more relaxed and calm state as the experience progresses.

C. Sensory Enhancements

Users often report enhanced sensory perception, making music, food, and visual stimuli more engaging and enjoyable.

D. Medical Benefits

Though not a high-CBD strain, the relaxing effects of Cherry Gar See-Ya can aid in stress reduction, pain relief, and insomnia.

Consumer Reviews

A. Recreational Users

Many recreational users appreciate the euphoric high and the rich flavor profile of Cherry Gar See-Ya, marking it as a favorite for social gatherings or solo relaxation.

B. Medical Users

Medical users may find relief from chronic pain, anxiety, and sleep disorders with this strain, as per anecdotal reports.

C. Criticisms

Some criticisms may revolve around the lack of CBD for more balanced medical benefits, and the potential for overconsumption due to its high THC content.


A. Geographical Availability

The availability of Cherry Gar See-Ya may be limited to certain regions, requiring interested individuals to seek it out at specialized dispensaries or through reputable breeders.

B. Price Point

The price point for Cherry Gar See-Ya is moderate, aligning with other high-quality, well-bred cannabis strains on the market.

C. Seed Availability

For those interested in cultivating Cherry Gar See-Ya, finding seeds may require a bit of research and networking within the cannabis community.


In the expansive world of cannabis strains, Cherry Gar See-Ya makes a sweet and potent statement. Its intriguing blend of genetics, high THC content, and rich, cherry-infused aroma makes it a sought-after strain for those in search of a unique cannabis experience. Whether cultivating it at home or enjoying its fruitful bounty, Cherry Gar See-Ya promises a delightful journey from seed to sensation.