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I’ve been wanting to try this one for a long time, and I’m happy to report: that time is finally here. ETHOS genetics from USA has become famous in the cannabis industry for their quality and potency. Cherry Gar See-Ya is one of their best, from what I’ve heard and read.

The buds of are big and plump. They look very dense and full of resin. The color is a light green with obvious crystal white trichomes all over. The buds are about my thumb size; nice, big, and fluffy. When I rip the buds apart to grind up the cannabis, they looked very thick, like little stars upon my tray.

Cherry Gar See-Ya

The aroma smells of cherry mixed with some citrus fruits. It is quite obvious however that the cherry smell is prominent and overpowers the others. The sour fruit citrus smell reminds me of another weed strain, which I can’t seem to remember. It’s hiding a dark corner of my mind – stuck in the back of my memory, so, I give up trying and decide to start smoking.

During the session, my throat seems like it can handle the smoke, but eventually, I can’t hold it off any longer and cough. The stream of smoke has the taste of cherry too with an earthy tone in the background. The potency is a bit strong for newbies, I can tell the THC content is very high. I often mix in some tobacco to soften the strength of cannabis, but many purists prefer it without.

I cough and the smell of cherry has clung to my throat. I feel a calm running back and forth inside my veins. My body is relaxed. Funny thoughts appear in my mind causing me to laugh out loud, even though I am by myself. The effect surely feels like a mix of both Sativa and Indica, and the guys at Buy Weed in Phuket say it’s an Indica-dominant hybrid strain.

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It’s a well-balanced strain, with a nice head high, and body stone feeling. It’s very relaxing. It makes me feel like my unresolved problems are gone. Right now, I don’t give an f### about anything, even making notes about how I feel for this review seems difficult and less than ideal right now. This really is the perfect formula from mother earth. She always knows best!

After a while, my mouth feels dry as usual. I’m a little bit drowsy but my belly rumbles and I feel the attack of the onset of hunger. I feel like some sweet desserts will complete me.

Overall, I think Cherry Gar See-Ya is a delicious strain with a lot to offer. Great body high, nice head high. It would be ideal for those who like to sit and smoke weed together with their friends, or for simply relaxing and smoking alone. Socially, it brings smiles, good vibes, good conversation and spontaneous busts of laughter that you can’t control, so much that your stomach will hurt. This one is a winner! I think it’s time to invite some friends over to come and smok