a large cannabis flower

Early Lemon Berry – Reviewed by Nut

The buds of the Early Lemon Berry are small tapered light green buds with thick dark orange hairs that wrap around the rim. They are covered with many tiny crystal frost trichomes.

The scent is obvious, with the strong smell of lemon exuding from the packet the buds were delivered in. The odor breaks out of the foil packet’s opening and kicks my nose hard. The smell is exactly like lemon candy. I take a deep breath and let the sensation of citrus in my nasal cavity linger for a while.

buds of early lemon berry

The taste that I received from the first inhale of smoke weed was a strong lemon flavor flowing through my throat. I cough, it seems my throat wasn’t ready for this pure cannabis. An itchy throat and coughing is often caused by too strong cannabis.

So, I add some tobacco and ground it again. The taste didn’t change much as I didn’t put enough tobacco. I was able to feel the lemon taste flowing inside my throat still, but alongside the taste of tobacco which tastes a bit like diesel and tar. I managed to restrain myself from coughing further this second time around.

a spliff

I felt fully in control right after that hit, but not for long! My senses feel overwhelmed with an energizing force. I felt uplifted as though I had been blessed by the God of cannabis. My head started to get high and I realized I was smiling for no apparent reason. My body felt incrementally lighter and relaxed. Muscle tension seems relieved. When I walked around, I somewhat felt like I was floating, or even flying. I felt a little tingle in my forehead which slowly spread throughout the rest of my skull, but without causing any pain. I kind of like it.

Overall, early lemon berry is really great. It’s the honey lemon of the cannabis strains. Giving both the effects of Sativa and Indica at once. It’s a very potent and quick, energizing high. You feel mentally active while physically calm. It Induces creative thinking. The side effects were dry mouth and a hunger only. It would be good to use in the daytime doing boring jobs, to help you get through a bad day, or just when you want to be stoned but still able to act fairly normally and run errands as usual.