grape diamons cannabis strain

Grape Diamonds – Reviewed by Nut

The buds of Grape Diamonds look truly top-shelf. They have the shape of fat chili peppers; light green nugs, dark olive-green leaves, and have a deep purple undertone, and are covered with tiny purple-tinted crystal trichomes. 

The smell that leaks out through the zip-locked bag they came in smells like a mix of ripe grapes and grape flavored candy. The smell is sweet and gives a fresh feeling just like yadom, the white plastic menthol type inhalers you can buy at 711 here. After holding the flower to examine it, my hands have a scent sticking to them. 

grape diamonds

This is the second time I have smoked this weed strain. The first time, I was somewhat knocked out. I took 2 hits of it through a bong. At that time, I coughed like there was no tomorrow and quickly fell into the abyss of deep sleep. I just wanted to close my eyes to rest for a while… and I could not manage to keep myself awake to write this review. 
So, this second time, I decide to put some tobacco in. I use a proportion of 10:2, which means one gram of cannabis to 0.2 grams of tobacco.
The results turned out to be really good. The taste of the cannabis still has that sweet grape flavor upon exhale. A bit of tar and the earthy taste are likely additions from the tobacco. At least I did not cough like I was dying this time. I did still cough a little, just enough to clear the throat but nothing too intense. 
I notice my body temperature appears to rise after the first bong hit. I’m sweating a little, but not soaking wet. The high is strong. There is a tingle in my chest that pops up and spreads to my throat. It seems to vibrate inside me, but not explode, and when I take a deep breath, I can feel the tingle all over.
My body starts to relax and I can feel that stoned vibe washing over me. My emotions are joyful but calm. Many thoughts become fluid and highly comical too. I do not usually have so many strange thoughts enter my mind, especially funny ones, I wonder about where my thoughts even come from, I guess I’ll never know.

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smoking a spliff

I pull down 3 cones worth, with the last one going down really nicely. With the perfect timing, mix of weed and tobacco, and the right temperature to have the whole amount I packed into the bong disappear in one, beautiful hit. All together it adds up to a very satisfying few seconds as I bask in the glory of my mad stoner skills.
The tingling feeling in my chest is fading. Now instead I can feel something else arising from the back of my head and expanding toward the front of it. My body is completely stoned. It would take a lot of effort for me to actually move my body… I wonder if I can, but I feel too lazy to even try.
The effects last about 2 hours and fade away. The Grape Diamonds remind me of another strain that I tested a couple of days before – Cherry Gar See-Ya. That strain gives a similar feeling of body relaxation and calmness but he tingling sensations feels different, and affects different parts of the body more than others. As I start to sober up, I feel hungry. I decide to eat before I smoke some more.

Overall, Grape Diamonds is quite a potent strain, I would even go so far as to say it could be too strong for some newbies, or even for people who are used to smoking Thai brick weed like me haha. The effects come on quickly. Even though it is a hybrid, I feel it has a stronger Indica effect, so it is good to use at night before sleeping. The intensity of Grape Diamonds induces such strong body relaxation, it is better not to resist its force, and just let it take you away to another world.