Recreational cannabis in Thailand

Is Recreational Cannabis allowed in Thailand?

There is a lot of discussion about Thailand making marijuana legal. So, how about recreational marijuana in Thailand? Some people say that the government will legalize marijuana for recreational usa very soon, while others believe using cannabis for recreational will never be legally permitted.

So, what is the truth? Will legalized recreational marijuana be in Thailand near future? Or will cannabis remain strictly for medical purposes and economic benefit only? This blog post will explore the current state of recreational cannabis in Thailand and try to answer this question!

Legalized recreational marijuana in Thailand but just smoke in your place

What Is Recreational Cannabis?

Recreational cannabis is used for cannabis consumed for its psychoactive effects rather than for medical reasons. Recreational cannabis can be consumed in various ways, including smoking, vaporizing, oils, edibles, or even mixed with Thai food. The THC content of recreational cannabis varies widely, depending on the strain and how the cannabis is grown.

Recreational cannabis is legal in only two countries, Uruguay and Canada and some states in America. It remains an illegal drug in Thailand however with the number of dispensaries and coffee shops selling bud all around, you wouldn’t know it. Some people argue that recreational cannabis should be legalized in Thailand, as it can provide users with a safe and enjoyable experience for medical use and would be suitable for the economy in Thailand. Others say that legalization would increase access to the drug and lead to more people becoming addicted. 

However, it is not agreed upon whether cannabis recreational use has benefits. Depending on the person, recreational cannabis use could improve or worsen their condition.

The Current State of Recreational Cannabis in Thailand

On June 9, 2022, Thailand’s health minister announced that cannabis is legal in Thailand for medical and economic purposes. But currently, under cannabis regulations, it is still illegal to use recreationally. However, Thailand’s government is in the process of drafting legislation that would legalize the use of cannabis for recreational purposes.

The recreational use of cannabis will be legal in Thailand if the proposed legislation is passed, which is expected to happen soon. If successful, Thailand would be the first country in Southeast Asia to fully decriminalize marijuana for medical and industrial use.

Legalizing recreational Cannabis would have major positive outcomes for cannabis businesses, including generating revenue for the Thai government, reducing crime rates for cannabis smokers, and creating a new cannabis industry, including the use of cannabis plants, increased marijuana tourists, and medical marijuana. 

It would also provide opportunities for research into the medical benefits of cannabis. To ensure that the legislation will benefit everyone, the government is working with specialists from a plethora of disciplines.

You Can Use Recreational Cannabis in Thailand, but There Are Some Restrictions

Recreational cannabis is currently illegal in Thailand, however people can technically still consume it recreationally. However, if you choose to consume cannabis in Thailand, you need to be careful not to do so in public places or drive after smoking because this is still illegal. If you use recreational Cannabis only in your private place, the police will not arrest you.

You can use recreational cannabis in Thailand, but there are some restrictions

Ideal Places to Use Cannabis in Thailand

Cannabis smokers can use cannabis in many excellent places to use recreational Cannabis in Thailand. Many people use it in their homes, as it is private and comfortable. Some people also use recreational Cannabis in bars or clubs. If you want to use recreational Cannabis in a public place, make sure that it is allowed in that specific place before doing so.

Different Ways to Consume Recreational Cannabis in Thailand

There are many ways to consume recreational cannabis in Thailand. The most popular way is smoking, as it is the quickest way to feel the effects. However, people also consume recreational cannabis by vaporizing, eating, or drinking it.

The Best Places to Buy Cannabis in Thailand

Dispensary: If you want to buy recreational cannabis in Thailand, one of the best place to go is a dispensary. Dispensaries are specialized stores that sell cannabis and related products.

Cannabis store: Another excellent place to buy recreational cannabis in Thailand is a cannabis store. Cannabis stores are similar to dispensaries but sell a more comprehensive range of products.

Online Store: You can also buy recreational cannabis in Thailand online. Online stores offer a wide range of products, including cannabis flowers, edibles, tinctures, and topicals. Some local online shops will even offer same-day delivery of their products.

Bar: If you want to buy recreational cannabis in Thailand from a bar, make sure it allows it. Some bars sell recreational cannabis, but others do not.


Although Thailand made marijuana legal, it is still technically illegal to use cannabis recreationally. However, the Thai government is in the process of drafting legislation that will legalize it.

If successful, this will make Thailand a weed-wonderland with major positive outcomes for cannabis businesses and provide opportunities for research into the medical benefits of cannabis.

In the meantime, recreational cannabis users need to be careful not to consume it in public places or drive after consuming it.