a purple cannabis flower

Lilac Diesel – Reviewed by Nut

First impression was that of a very nice, healthy-looking, dense nug of light green with a slightly purple hue.  Sporadic orange hairs extrude from the bud. The trichromes look like suger topping coated all over it.

Leading with a fruity smell, like that of some kind of mysterious berry. You can probably try to guess which berry it reminds you of, but I wasn’t able to work out the answer. There is a slight smell of earthy pine accompanying this strain.

a big bud of cannabis

The flavor after I hit the first bong is the taste of sour berry – both duriung inhalation and exhalation. I can feel the diesel taste linger slightly after I exhale. It’s a bit spicy and I coughed afterwards. I attempt to soften its intensity by mixing some tobacco. With the tobacco included, the second and third cones I pull have the taste of herbal tar entwined. The taste feels perfect for me. I suck down the smoke longer than usual, hold it for a while and feel the taste slowly escaping through my mouth.

I felt energized more than I feel calm. My mind feels strong and confident – the self-esteem of a winner. This is somewhat unusual for ganja to make me feel like this. My brain feels switched on, I feel a positive energy pushing out my thoughts, gushing like an aggressive river. My body feels so good, no fatigue at all. It motivates me to focus on my mind and feelings, as I feel slightly aroused as well. My mind needs some sort of challenge to satisfy my hunger. I wish my girlfriend was here with me right now. It would be great to smoke weed with her and transform together. I am sure one would-be preyed upon by the other while under this influence.

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holding a spliff

Overall, Lilac Diesel induces Sativa effects like a feeling of uplifting joy, and happiness. There are some strange feelings too, you suddenly feel bright light inside your mind. All my stress dissipated and I lose any feelings of worry. The sensation lasted about an hour and then faded. Like other strains when the effect wears off, you started to get hungry. Lilac Diesel would be ideal for use in the daytime, it’s very different to the strain I last reviewed – Mandarin Sunset – which is much better for night times. After smoking this, I think I’m starting to really like Sativa.