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Mandarin Sunset – Reviewed by Nut

As I open the packet, I can see that the buds look so beautiful; light green with the dust of tiny white trichomes all over them. The hairs have a reddish hue and protrude all around the bud. The attractive purple leaves are also covered by tiny white, crystal trichomes that look a bit like frozen dew settled upon it.

The smell is very distinctive and strong. The aroma is that of orange and other citrus fruits mingled together. From the smell alone I can tell that this bud is of the highest quality.

cannabis buds on a red table

I rip apart the bud to see the contents of cannabis, it feels like a piece of pressed tissue. The aroma escapes and fills the room around me.

I light the flame and prepare myself for a strong hit of cannabis. After all, this is the most expensive strain of weed sold at Buy Weed in Phuket, so I expect it to be even more amazing than the other strains I have tried. As I breathe in and suck hard, the burnt content flows down the tube line and makes that easily recognizable sound of the air being pulled through the water. I cough and begin to sweat.

The taste doesn’t have as strong an orange flavor as one might think, I notice as I inhale. Upon exhale, the flavor of citrus/orange is out in full force though.

a joint

A calming sensation gradually creeps up on me. I feel some tingling inside my chest and it expands outward until it is all around me. After that, I felt very relaxed, my body is lighter than it was previously. Several humorous appear in my head. My eyelids feel heavier and I a wave of sleepiness washes over me. It is bearable however, and I remain awake and somewhat alert despite this. I can feel myself sinking into the sofa. This strain feels completely different to Chemdog, which I tested not too long ago, unlike how I feel now, Chemdog was much more energizing.

Overall, The Mandarin sunset is an obviously Indica dominant strain that also activates some effects of Sativa such as euphoria and laughter. Also, the Indica effects made my body feel relaxed and calm. It also made me feel sleepy. So, as its name suggests, it should be used after sunset, preferably before a very long and good nights’ sleep.