Medical marijuana is now legal in Thailand

Medical Marijuana and Cannabis Culture in Thailand

Now that marijuana is legal in Thailand, If you travel to Thailand, you can stay in your hotel smoking cannabis or get outside to enjoying the amazing culture. This includes the readily available cannabis and the beautiful beaches.

As you likely know, Thailand has made marijuana legal. The food and drug administration has removed cannabis from their list of illegal drugs. That means Thailand is one of the few places where medical marijuana is easily accessible.

If you are a medical marijuana patient, Thailand makes it easy to find a dispensary. If not, you can still enjoy cannabis in the country and immerse yourself in cannabis culture in weed wonderland here in Thailand!

Growing cannabis in the garden in Thailand

Medical Marijuana Is Legal in Thailand

On June 9th, 2022, Thailand’s parliament ruled in favor of a bill that would legalize medical marijuana in the country. This move by Thailand makes it the first Southeast Asian nation to decriminalize marijuana for medical and economic purposes. At the same time, recreational marijuana use remains illegal. At present, however, this is not enforced at all.

Medical cannabis is effective for a variety of health purposes and conditions, including chronic pain, cancer, and epilepsy. The Thai government hopes that by making the drug more accessible, more people will be able to benefit from its therapeutic effects. With its latest decision, Thailand has taken a significant step forward in opening up new treatment options for its citizens.

The Thai government believes marijuana legalization for medical purposes has economic benefits, especially for marijuana tourism. They also know it can help with various medical conditions. They want to cash in on the booming medical marijuana industry, through tax on cannabis plants, medical cannabis products, THC treatments, marijuana flower, and growing cannabis for medical reasons.

How Has Cannabis Culture Developed in Thailand Over the Years?

People in the past used marijuana without stigma or judgement for medical purposes or relaxation. However, since the Thai government – under pressure from the US – clarified that cannabis use was illegal decades ago, there has been greater public awareness of the associated risks. Even though it was against the law to grow and use cannabis by smoking or consuming cannabis in the past, people still did it. Sometimes, people were arrested for secretly grow marijuana plants, and some had cannabis seized by the police and were jailed for using it.

Although recreational marijuana is technically illegal in Thailand, its use among Thai people remains commonplace. There was (and still is) both a black market for buying and selling marijuana, as well as a lot of secret recreational use. Given the public’s variety of perspectives on marijuana, the government has created new draft laws about marijuana.

Owing to its medical benefits, medical marijuana is becoming more socially accepted in Thailand. People are now openly discussing medical cannabis, and growing it for medicinal purposes. The Thai government is also making moves to legalize medical cannabis cultivation in the country, which will help promote medical marijuana tourism in Thailand.

On June 9th, 2022, Thailand’s health minister announced cannabis legal in Thailand in 2022. Thailand has made marijuana legal, possession of marijuana use has been decriminalized in Thailand, and the government has issued licenses for the cultivation and sale of marijuana plants. This has led to the development of a thriving cannabis industry in Thailand. 

Cannabis is now grown commercially and is sold in stores across the country. CBD and even THC products are available everywhere online. Weed use has been legalized for medical purposes, and there are now many marijuana dispensaries operating in Thailand. The legalization of Cannabis has positively impacted Thai society, helping to reduce crime and improve public health.

Recreational marijuana is technically illegal in Thailand, and one just needs to be careful not to use it in a public place

Traditional Use of Cannabis in Thailand

For centuries, cannabis has been used in Thailand for medicinal and recreational purposes. Some people smoke cannabis, while others grow it and consume it with food or in drinks. The plant is native to the country, and its use was first documented in a Thai medical text dating back to the 13th century. In traditional Thai medicine, cannabis treats various conditions, including pain, nausea, and low appetite. It is also commonly used as a relaxant and sleep aid.

To Purchase Cannabis for Medical Use, Do You Need a Card?

Unlike in many other countries, you don’t need a medical cannabis card to purchase cannabis for medicinal purposes in Thailand. Additionally, the laws surrounding recreational use are not as strict. However, cannabis smoking is still prohibited in public places. You can purchase cannabis items from dispensaries or cultivate cannabis at home for private use. To grow legally, you need to register on an application, although many Thais aren’t too concerned with doing so thus far.

What Are the Different Ways to Consume Cannabis in Thailand?

There are many different ways to consume cannabis in Thailand. Smoking is the most popular method, but other methods include eating, drinking, vaporizing, and applying cannabis-infused products topically. Edibles and drinks are becoming more popular.

What Is the Future of Medical Marijuana and Cannabis Culture in Thailand?

The future of medical marijuana and cannabis culture in Thailand looks promising. The Thai government is supportive of the medical use of cannabis, and there is a growing industry around it. With more research, medical marijuana could be used to treat a wide range of conditions. And as public opinion shifts, recreational ganja use may one day be legalized. Either way, cannabis culture in Thailand is sure to continue to grow.


Medical marijuana and cannabis culture in Thailand is evolving. The plant has a long history of use in the country and is now legal for medical and industrial use. There is a growing cannabis plant industry around cannabis, with dispensaries selling various products. And as public opinion shifts, recreational use may one day be legalized. Either way, cannabis culture in Thailand is sure to continue to grow.